Photos and Videos in Seychelles
Seychelles beach Granitics Islands
Sea turtle Seychelles
Seychelles fly ULM
Sea turtle Seychelles
Fishing boat in Madagascar
Sea turtle Seychelles
Diving in Seychelles
Sea turtle Seychelles
Sea kayak Seychelles

Pictures and Videos

Discover the Seychelles Islands in a catamaran with a crew, island hopping cruises, diving cruises, fishing...

Welcome on board our luxury catamaran, choose the best way to get the most out of the Seychelles. Visit an island per day, anchored in enchanted isles.

Our catamaran cruises are ideal for family vacations, trips with friends, or for sailing, fishing, or diving vacations. The best of both the land and the sea, you will be able to swim, sail, go snorkeling, diving, try your hand at deep-sea fishing or fly fishing.

Here is our selection of pictures and videos us for your cruise in the Seychelles !