Catamaran cruises and destinations in Seychelles
Destination Granitic Islands Seychelles
Sea turtle Seychelles

Destination Granitic Islands

7 days minimum

The name of "Granitic" for this archipelago stems from its famous granite rocks. They are said to be some of the oldest rocks on earth. The Granitic Islands are clustered around Mahé, the main island where Victoria, its capital is located.  This archipelago has two satellite islands, Praslin and La Digue.  The inner islands hold the lion's share of the nation’s cultural and economic wealth. The reputation of the Seychelles.

Here are two examples of different 7 day minimum cruises :

South-East wind :
Mahé - Silhouette - Praslin - Curieuse - La Digue - Mahé.
North-West wind :
Mahé - Praslin - Curieuse - Grande soeur - La Digue - Mahé.

Destination Outer Islands Seychelles
Sea turtle Seychelles

Destination Outer Islands

10 days minimum

The Outer Islands, made of 5 different groups, are those situated beyond the Seychelles plateau.  They comprise 72 different low-lying sand banks and coral atolls. The first islands are accessible after a dozen hours of navigation from Mahe. Less visited than their granitic cousins due to their relative remoteness, these pristine miniature worlds, some little more than sand spits or lonely rocky outcrops, offer untouched habitats for many species of wildlife. The lost paradise!

Here is one example of a 10 day minimum cruise around the Amirantes Group :

Mahé - African banks - Poivre - Saint-Joseph - Desroches - Mahé.

Destination Madagascar, NosyBe, Radama
Sea turtle Seychelles

Destination Madagascar

7 days minimum

Our cruises leave form Nosy Be on the Radama Islands in the north-west of Madagascar.
The Nosy Be Archipelago is made up of islands and isles, and is a perfect destination for diving or sailing cruises. You will be able to meet some endemic Indian Ocean wild-life, from the clownfish to the inoffensive shark-whale or the sea turtle, while appreciating beautiful and divers corals. Last but not least you will discover the local Malgache population, their hospitality and natural welcome that alone can justify this timeless trip ...

Discovery cruises Land and sea trips Seychelles
Sea turtle Seychelles

Discovery cruises

Land and sea trips

Discover a different island every day, and organize your day as you want: try sailing, deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, snorkeling, diving and have the most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean just for you !
We propose a one-week trip of the Granitic Islands: Mahé, Praslin, la Digue, Curieuse, Petite Soeur, Grande Soeur, Silhouette ... Depending on your desires, and of course, the weather.
We generally respect our cruise plan, but it sometimes must be modified for safety reasons. Your Skipper is responsible for your safety, and his decisions must be respected. If everyone agrees, you can of course ask for the timetable and itinerary to be changed. It's total freedom !!!

Diving cruises Seychelles
Sea turtle Seychelles

Diving cruises

First-time divers, initiation, advanced diving, exploring and training.

Our diving cruises are aimed at enthusiastic divers who want to get the most out of their Seychelles cruise and its diving opportunities.
Whatever your diving level, diving in the Seychelles Islands will be an unforgettable experience. A world of a thousand different colors where you will be able to discover a host of unspoiled marine life. In each dive you will observe sea turtles, stingrays, barracudas, groupers, sharks, moray eels, and napoleon fish, just to mention a few...
As with the discovery cruise, you have the possibility of going to the Outer Islands: the Amirantes, Alphonse, Farquhar, and Aldabra, with a minimum cruise of 10 days. Diving around the Granitic Island is remarkable, but the Outer Islands, uninhabited and untouched bring a whole new dimension to diving.

Equipment :

18 diving bottles, Scubapro diving equipment (jacket, regulators, octopus), different masks, flippers, tuba, shorties' wet-suits, etc...
1 compressor diving (11 m3/h)
Semi rigid 4.20 m dingy + 15 HP Suzuki





Fishing cruises Seychelles
Sea turtle Seychelles

Fishing cruises

The Indian Ocean surrounding the Seychelles Islands is home for a host of endemic fish species. It is the ideal place for deep-sea or fly fishing enthusiasts. Fred will be glad to share his experience and enthusiasm for this sport with you. Aided by the abundance of Seychelles waters, he will be pleased to discover suptilités of deep sea fishing or fly fishing.

Deep sea fishing :

Big game fishing equipment : 4 big game fishing rods, 4 rod supports.

Fly fishing :

Fish to try for: Bone fish, Permit fish, Carangues and other pelagic fish ...
Recommended Rods : 9 ft floating silk 8 and 10 rods for the lagoon, and a 12 ft rod for deep-sea fishing.
Recommended Tackle : 6/8 Crazy Charlie bone fish tackle, etc...
Permit fish : small brown crabs.

Clothing and accessories :

Don't forget a sun-screen, sunglasses, slacks, a light long-sleeved shirt, and boots to walk on the coral.
Our fly-fishing partner : PACVOYAGES





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